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Better Your Golf Game With Hypnotherapy: What It Is & How It Will Create Lasting Results

Golf is not just a leisurely sport that you partake in on the weekends… It's an environment where big decisions are made.

Many individuals use the game of golf to hold business conversations in a neutral, pleasant environment. It’s an activity that allows people to bond over common interests while setting mutually beneficial agreements.

With that being said – there can be a lot of anxiety surrounding the golf course.

The pressure to close a deal within 9 holes can really mess with your mind and your golf skills. As much as people don’t like to admit it, this happens a lot.

The Reality of The Golf Slump

I once had a client who could not get out of his slump in his golf game. No matter how many private coaches he hired, or how many times he went to the driving range, he couldn’t shake the anxiety he had when he stepped up to the tee.

This individual was an attorney, so he spent a lot of time at the course with his clients. Each outing he had was filled with anxiety. It began trickling from his swing and into the conversations that he was having with his clients. Ultimately, golf negatively affected his business.

Where Hypnotherapy Comes Into Play

My client finally had enough of this constant anxiety, so he decided to address it. He wanted a rapid transformation that provided a clear-cut solution and lasting results. After doing extensive research, he chose hypnotherapy.

In our sessions together, we were able to go back in time to when he was 10 years old and tried out to be a caddy… but he didn’t get the job.

The ridicule that he received during that rejection stuck with him for DECADES – and he had absolutely no idea that that was the reason why. This underlying issue was living in his subconscious mind and had been locked away for 20 years. While he was in a state of hypnosis, he was able to finally address that traumatic experience from a neutral perspective and release it.

After our session together, my client left feeling peaceful and confident in his golfing abilities – never again feeling the burden of that deeply rooted anxiety. His golf game has never been better, he can hold intellectual conversations with clients without impending anxiety, and he is overall in a much better mental health state.

Hypnotherapy isn’t just for curing addiction or mental illnesses, it can benefit you and your career in ways you didn’t think was possible.

— Kannary Keo, Aloha Wellness

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