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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
From Stuck and Procrastinating to Thriving Hypnotherapist

From Stuck and Procrastinating to Thriving Hypnotherapist

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Healing Retreat

Healing Retreat

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CEO & Author Matthew Curfman shares his experience with Kannary Keo's work

CEO & Author Matthew Curfman shares his experience with Kannary Keo's work

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Beth Kane.jpeg


Before I met Kannary I was struggling with my emotions, with my weight, anxiety and stress levels. My sleep, my energy and overall feeling unhealthy was really affecting my life. The anxiety was causing me to binge eat chocolate which put me into an even more negative spiral. What really helped me with Kannary's method was her personalized meditations. She recorded personalized meditations for me that were like your own personal guide to overcome your challenges that willpower alone could never address.


My life now is so much better after working with Kannary. I am much less anxious, I am more positive and have increased confidence.  Not to mention I have 35 lbs and have kept it off.  My husband also participated in Kannary's health program and has dropped 70lbs. Kannary is now helping my 20 year old daughter improve so she can launch into the world happier and successful, you couldn't be in better hands with Kannary.

Kannary’s work is magical, effective and priceless.

— BETH KANE Nurse, Wife, Mother & Dogmom

Addam Cirbo.png

Highly accomplished and decorated US Special Forces Veteran

"Kannary and her team helped me achieve a critical life-changing breakthrough necessary for a new direction in my life, and assisted me in harnessing command of my higher self. Review posted with my strongest recommendation. Enlist Kannary and Aloha Wellness for the results you seek."

Mary Obana.png

Businesswoman turned speaker, podcast host, and spiritual author of Shine: A Simple Guide to Finding Your Light and Letting It Shine on the World

"Like a detective, Kannary searches relentlessly to identify your hidden, deeply-rooted beliefs that no longer serve you so you can let them go and move on without them."

Kelly Erickson.png

Leader, Speaker, Positive Psychology Enthusiast, author of

“Kannary has developed a safe and effective method of tackling the kind of challenge that can nag at you for years. I suffered from insomnia and her hypnotherapy process was so freeing. I highly recommend giving it a try.”

Jennifer Perry.jpeg


It's hard to put into words how much Kannary has helped to change my life in such a short time. I was a little nervous at first to try hypnotherapy, because nothing else had really worked for me before, including yoga, meditation, and years of talk therapy.


I am an executive leader with a high-pressure, high-stress career. I also happen to be a highly sensitive person, who has suffered verbal, emotional and physical abuse throughout my life, and as such I'm very susceptible to self-criticism. I've worked on my inner healing for years, but there has been nothing that has made such a deep impact on me as working with Kannary has.


I don't know how she does it, but the toxic, negative feelings of low self-worth that felt "stuck" inside me no matter what I did--they're completely diminished to the point that they can't really get to me anymore, and that's just after two sessions! I can't wait to continue my journey with Kannary and keep working on my inner healing.

I highly recommend Kannary to anyone who wants to clear out negative energy from their mind and body. She is a miracle worker, and I am so grateful to have met her. Thank you, Kannary!”

— JENNIFER PERRY Brand and Agency Creative Director/Copywriter

Lori Bradlee.png


“Kannary helped my teenage son overcome bullying induced anxiety. Before we met Kannary, my son was anxious, didn't want to go to school, and lacked motivation. Since working with Kannary he is confident, happy, has zero anxiety, is motivated to do his homework, has no social anxiety and even has this sense of humor I've never seen before. He is completely comfortable, makes eye contact, no longer stutters and I am so relieved as a parent that is happy. I can't recommend Kannary enough to help you with your child. She has even helped my 9 year old.

Kannary has a caring and professional manner about her that got through to my kids. My son has been let down by teachers and other adults and Kannary has always come through. I can't thank her enough.”

Michael Moore.png


“I just had an amazing hypnosis session with Kannary!  She is extremely caring, knowledgeable and easy to talk with. My session was very relaxing and helpful.  I feel completely energized and I am excited about the changes that she has helped me make.  If you are looking to make a change in your life I highly recommend that you contact Kannary!”

Matthew Curfman.jpeg

CEO, Author of Fearless Retirement

“After utilizing Kannary’s services my sleep has improved remarkably! I use an Oura ring for measuring how much REM and deep sleep I get each night and after identifying, reframing, and releasing I slept a total of 21 hours over the next 2 nights. I am now using my custom recording from Kannary daily to continue the process of rewiring a thought process I picked up during childhood that no longer serves me today. I am amazed by Kannary’s specialty and would recommend her highly if you are already a high achiever but feel like something internal needs work. Thank you Kannary!”

Jen Decker.jpeg


Kannary Keo is extraordinary! I engaged her, thinking that hypnotherapy could help me with my difficulty staying focused with my work. It did, and I got so many additional benefits beyond expected. In regression, Kannary guided me to uncover underlying reasons for my lack of focus, and also uncover explanations for other hurdles in my life. As a result, my focus has returned, my posture is improving, my dating confidence has increased, I have a secret weapon to fall asleep when having difficulty, and other benefits. Kannary's ability to ask the right questions, listen deeply, use hypnosis to provide ah-ha moments and embed new behaviors, is uncanny. She follows up in different ways, always with her caring manner, centered on providing the encouragement and tools to ensure success. I consider Kannary extremely gifted at what she does, and I very highly recommend her.”


JEN DECKER Mediator, executive coach, business consultant, speaker, trainer and principal of Decker Mediation and Tailored Strategies.

Karen Grundehofer.jpeg


Anyone who is willing to do the work will be successful with Kannary. You can’t be truly happy until you love what's inside of you.  I think anyone who works with Kannary…..the sky’s the limit.  


We can’t do it alone they will change daily, you will see it happening right in front of your eyes.  

There is nothing better than finding the core of what’s eating up inside of you and we can’t do it alone. Smart young women couldn’t figure out what was pulling them down….Kannary figured it out.

KAREN GRUNDHOFER Director of Client Services & Special Events at Jump Global Technology Advisors

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